The princess who was in love with a wizzard.

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I'm a little (french) Canadian princess. I'm 20 years old. Brunette all the way. Capricious, passionate, selfish, faithful, stubborn, funny, spoiled & friendly.

I love Harry Potter, Reading, Rupert Grint, writing, sleeping, Gossip Girl, The luxe, Gemma Doyle trilogy, Ugly Betty (I'm a student in secretariat), J.K.R, shopping, H&M, fashion, showbizz, gossip, blog, Sophie Kinsella, mangas, st trinian's, sex and the city, Juno, Marie-Antoinette, Tim Burton, Disney.

My fandom's favorite : Ron, Sirius, Ron|Hermione, Harry|Ginny, ||| Blair, Chuck, Blair|Chuck, Lily|Rufus, ||| Diana, Elizabeth, Henry, Henry|Diana, ||| Kartik, Gemma, Gemma|Kartik, Pippa (aGaTB area) ||| Luke Brandon

It's not just love in my princess' world ! I dislike racism, child abuse, SNAKE, every morning, being single (my curse.), bugs, washing dishes hand style, the Quebec (I live there...so.), Stephenie Meyer

Some fandom thing I dislike (or hate in some case.). Jenny, Georgina, Vanessa, Queen bee Serena ||| Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Snape, Snape|Lily ||| Lina ||| Fucking Tree, Ann

Rupert Grint is my husband at fairytale_wed

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